Motivational Youth Speaker Trevor W. Goodchild


“Trevor has overcome homelessness to attend college. In 30 years of teaching, I have never seen anyone take to education like Trevor. He loves it. He soaks it up. He aspires to goals no one else in his family ever considered.”  

Dr. David Lydic - Austin Community College

Mindset Matters

 A Winning With Trevor Presentation

The Mindset Matters presentation combines positive freestyle rap with interactive exercises to create an unforgettable Winning With Trevor event. Mr. Goodchild shares his incredible journey from homeless teen to college graduate.

The Mindset Matters presentation explores how using the Growth Mindset developed Grit to create the momentum Trevor used to sky rocket from living on the streets to becoming a successful business owner. Topics include: 

  • Growing up being disabled from a car accident 
  • Growth Mindset & how to use it to create grit as the best predictor of success 
  • Overcoming the cycle of poverty that holds students back while attending school 
  • Social emotional learning and scholatistic aptitude 
  • How mindset, motivation and personal drive help students attend college


Your students will really get a kick out of Trevor's presentation, and become motivated using the 4+1 Technique To Keeping It 100, to reexamine their social interactions. Concepts explored help students increase their confidence, build positive social skills and positive habits, improve problem solving skills and move forward fast to achieve self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of personal success. For 14 years Trevor W. Goodchild's presented inspiring keynote speeches at: 

  • Huston-Tillotson University
  • The Texas State Capital 
  • Austin City Hall
  • The Human Rights Commission
  • Austin Community College and more! 

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Trevor's gamechanging system 4+1 TTKI 100 provides tools that transform bad habits into leadership skills that give back to the community. 

About Trevor

“My name is Trevor, and I love empowering students with the tools to feel good about themselves and achieve Self-Care Success.From living in a cardboard box in an alleyway to getting accepted into the University of Texas with a recommendation letter from the President of Austin Community College, Stephen Kinslow, my journey has taught me the power of hope, empathy and higher education."

— Trevor W. Goodchild