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Trevor W. Goodchild bring
s expertise of working at Facebook in advertising & tech. 

"Please meet Trevor, my "secret weapon" for all things Facebook compliance. I highly recommend hiring him to help you out especially if you plan to be running ads."

Liana Lang President Power Up Strategy Inc.


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Facebook Ad Disapproved?

Facebook Won't Tell You Why?

Facebook Ad Policy is our speciality!


As an ex Facebook ad exec, who specializes in Facebook ad policy, ad agencies and businesses alike bring us on to make sure they are consistently in compliance and avoid the 7 deadly sins that will tank your results.

Tired of walking on eggshells hoping fb doesn’t ban, disapprove or audit your clients sites?

Ensure that you’ve got the right tips tools and strategy in place so that Facebook doesn’t disapprove your ads without explanation by reaching out to us today for a free consultation.

Trevor worked at Facebook in ads & high level tech.
Past & current clients include E-commerce, celebrities such as Tony Robbins & Harv Eker and small to medium sized ad agencies.

Want to stop guessing on if your ads and ad account will be approved?

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"Trevor helped me successfully diagnose exactly why my ad account was disabled, and helped me frame out a plan to move forward. He also provided a breakdown of my ads showing exactly where the trigger points were with Facebook’s guidelines which was helpful. Easy to work with as well." 👍🏻

- John Randall 
President of Social Flight 

"Trevor is an expert at Facebook ad policy. I worked with him on a clients account & he was able to, in 60 seconds, tell me 3 reasons why my ad was likely disapproved. He’s 100% the guy you need if you want to run Facebook ads efficiently & effectively to be able to continue profiting from FB ads."

- Cri Childs
Founder of the Millennial Investor Community

"Trevor's business skills & marketing know-how sped up my learning curve significantly. As a solo founder, Trevor taught me how to allocate my time most effectively and how to focus on the true value we're creating for our customers. I recommend working with Trevor to anyone looking to better understand their business, their customers, & their growth prospects."

 - Jonathan Newar 
CEO of Captain Experiences 

"Trevor is amazing!! He has been the greatest help in the last month and I am so grateful to have found him! He has completely shifted my mindset and I feel so much stronger in thriving in my life and in my business! Thank you, Trevor."

- Founder of Thrive With NLP  

I help businesses get more leads and sales with Google, SEO, YouTube, and Facebook and Instagram Ads without breaking the bank.

Get more customers with our done-for-you marketing ecosystems creating the Tony Robbins Effect adding credibility, creating, syndicating and curating organic content and touch points for your business everywhere on the Internet. 

Bringing Realtors, MLO's , Insurance Agents, Contractors, and sales professionals alike fresh buyers daily. Our goal is to be there to help you create and protect your futures as well as your assets by means of a fun interactive conversation, and by getting to know what means the most to you. Building a personal relationship on a professional level.

Our most popular Ecosystem comes with fully guided lead gen on several campaigns and several different funnel paths and conversion solutions to identify, cultivate, capture, nurture and convert your leads into buyers daily. 

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Why you should partner with TWG Consulting as your social media marketing company

We maintain full transparency so you can see first-hand how our efforts are increasing your online revenue. Our custom, in-depth reporting measures include:

  • Social media campaign reports that give a full overview of your social media performance.
  • Monthly breakdown of the social media tasks we’ve performed to help you monitor your ROI
  • Dedicated account manager available by email or phone to answer questions & strategize solutions

We offer social media marketing for:

  • Facebook Ads 
  • Instagram Ads 
  • YouTube ads 
  • Google Ads 
  • Bing Ads
  • Content Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC Ads 
  • Dynamic Placement Banner Ads
  • Video syndication 

And more!

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"With his invaluable insight to the inner workings of Facebook and its flagging systems, & expert knowledge of Facebook ad policies, Trevor was able to go through our ad account and ad content with a fine-tooth comb and point out our strengths and, more importantly, our weaknesses. He maintained stellar communication with us throughout, setting clear expectations for what would be delivered. His content and account analysis was presented with great clarity, plus steps to take going forward. This really helped our team connect the dots and refine our process and get our ad account back in good standing with Facebook."

- Sean Schmitt
Executive Manager of Marketing & Technology
Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law

I have been working with Trevor for a while now and the skill and knowledge he brings to the table is unmatched when it comes to Facebook policies! He is a great asset to have in any company that wants to run Facebook ads long term.  He has helped me solve difficult problems and construct ads that will not be taken down.  He is an incredible asset to our team!"

- James Hazen
CEO of Apex Capital